Tuesday, November 3

The Sophomore & The Kindergartner

Last Friday night Coalfield played Oakdale at home.  It was their Homecoming game.  Seth got to start at running back.  He played a really good game and scored his first High School touchdown.  He had a large cheering section Friday night.  Of course there were me and dad,  and also Misty, Mackeinzie, Rachel, Chris, Kyra, Elijah, Owen, Abby, Jason, Starla, Mya, Luke, Aunt Gail, Uncle Steve, Pastor Pallotta, Ms Tammy and Emily.  Needless to say, we all get a little excited when Seth does well. 

There was a lady sitting next to Steve & Gail, and after hearing us cheer, she asked Steve if he knew Seth, to which he replied Seth was his nephew.  She then told Steve to ask Seth about what he did at school that day. 

I found out what she was talking about after the game.  We went out to eat with Pam and her family, and Pam rode with us.  After getting in the car, I had asked about their Halloween contest at school that day.  You see, they had a costume contest for the elementary kids, and the kids in Beta Club dressed up and helped with it.  Seth had dressed up as a Marine, wearing Jason's camos.  All of the little kids that were dressed up got to line up and go across the stage and get candy.  Out of the 30 + kindergartner's, there was only one little boy who was not dressed up.  He would have had to sit in the bleacher's by himself while the other's participated.  Seth asked him if he wanted to dress up, and he said yes.  So, Seth took off his long sleeved shirt and put it on the little boy and offered him his cap.  The little boy got to participate with the other kids and didn't have to sit by himself.  As Pamela said "It was so sweet!"

I am so thankful that Seth has a heart that cares for others.  Though this is just a small, seemingly insignificant thing in the big scheme of things, we never know how one small random act of kindness will affect others.  It has the ripple effect.  I know that others were watching that day;  Pamela, the lady in the stands, the principal who commented to Seth later...but Seth was thinking about the little boy.No doubt it affected him that day in allowing him to take part, but who knows the long lasting affect it may have for him and others. 

The day the big high school football player took the time to be kind to the little kindergartner.

I am so proud,
so thankful,
so blessed!


shanda said...

Sooo sweet, that sounds just like him!!! Shanda

Deborah Franklin said...

I know you are so proud of Seth. I feel for the small kindergarden. I say he was feeling really sad knowing the other kids were getting candy because they were dressed up. Do the teachers ever think some kids might not have the means to dress up and they should not be left out because they are in this situation. No wonder some many children have low esteen about themselves. We adults put it on them. I don't know your son, but please tell him I so very proud of what he did. Sounds like you have a wonderful son.