Friday, November 13

Day 13 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(80)  That it's not quite so noisy at work today, with all the construction.

(81)  That today is Friday, and the weekend's ahead, even though it's going to be a busy one, with the Holiday Festival Sale at the American Legion Building in Harriman tomorrow.  I'll be set up selling my jewelry and there will be lots of other vendors.  It's from 9-2, come if you can.  My neice Stephanie and her friend Carly will be there with some neat Christmas ornaments.

(82)  That today is our Thanksgiving Dinner at work.  We're having to have it early due to the busy court schedule.  Lots of good food and so much to be thankful for!!

(83)  That though it's Friday, there's no football game tonight that I have to attend.  Maybe I can get everything ready for tomorrow, tonight!

(84)  That my sweet, loving, kind husband is going to take me to dinner tonight, even though he doesn't know it yet.

(85)  For my dear friend, Gina.  Today is her birthday.  We've shared many happy times together and a few sad ones, too.  I love you, Gina!

(86)  That it's not true when Gina says that I'm almost 50.  I have a few years to go.

(87)  That the night so long ago when Gina scared me half to death telling me that there was a man in the backseat of the car, there really wasn't a man there.  It's made for a great memory, though.

(88)  That I know if I needed anything, absolutely anything, Gina would be right there.  She has proved it over and over again.

(89)  For Jay & Roxie, two wonderful people that mean the world to me, and who brought Gina into this world just to make my life more interesting!  Love you!

(90) For Olivia, Gina's daughter, who is a very smart (did I tell you I taught her to read), very talented, sweet girl who used to fall out of the buggy every time we went somewhere together.  Love you, Livvy!

(91)  For Joseph, Gina's son, who likes to spit in my hair (not really, just makes me think he is), is a very smart young man (except when he spits in my hair), (hey, did I tell you I helped teach him to read, too?)  and is a good friend to my boys.  I love you, Joe!

(92)  For Ronnie, Gina's annoying loving husband, even though he calls me the "mouth of Mossy Grove".  Their family is dear to me, and I'm so thankful for them!

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love you Teresa