Saturday, November 14

Day 14 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(93)  For another good day at the Harriman Holiday Festival.  I did well today.  Not as good as last week, but close.

(94)  For another day spent with Stephanie & Carly.  They are very entertaining companions and made the time pass much more quickly.

(95)  That Stephanie has such a good friend as Carly.

(96)  For Misty, who came and sat with me today.

(97)  For getting to see Debbie today.  She and Wendell and Kiah came by.  She looked good and it was so good to see her out and about.

(98)  That Debbie is able to eat better and is gaining some weight back.

(99)  For the beautiful fall day today.  I took some flowers by the cemetary, and it was so nice out. 

(100)  For the hope we have of one day seeing our loved ones again, and spending eternity with them.

(101)  For the chance to visit with Dad for a while this evening.

(102)  For my uncle's friends who came to sit with him last night and today to give Dad a break.  He'd been at the hospital since Wednesday morning.

(103)  For quiet time at home.

(104)  For a husband who straightened up the house while I was gone for the second weekend in a row.

(105)  For the son who waited on his tired momma.

(106)  That though I woke up not feeling well today, I made it through the day and the things I needed to do before starting to feel pretty bad tonight.

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