Friday, November 20

Day 20 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(191)  For a noisy house.

(192)  For a full house.

(193)  For the sounds of love & laughter.

(194)  For little voices hollering "mammy".

(195)  For the chance to keep Kyra, Elijah, Owen & Abby.

(196)  That Kyra finally finished her schoolwork she didn't complete at home.  It's been a long time since I've dealt with a reluctant seven year old and her math pace.

(197)  That I don't have to deal with reluctant students on a day to day basis anymore.  Her uncles could be the world's worst!  Thank goodness they've all graduated from high school now.

(198)  That my only student left loves school and I don't have to worry about him doing his work. 

(199)  That he has a 4.0 average.

(200)  That he does not like to miss school and won't if it can be avoided.

(201)  That many weekends his friends fill my house.

(202)  That I don't have to worry about what they are doing.

(203)  That a messy house just means it's filled with love.  (At least I keep telling myself that's what it means)

(204)  That even my grown kids and their friends find their way back to my house.

(205)  That Owen likes to cuddle and watch movies.

(206)  That when someone teases him and tells him I don't like him, he knows it's not true and promptly tells them so.

(207)  That Elijah entertains himself and if he's involved in something, you don't even know he's around.

(208)  That Abby is a happy little thing.

(209)  For hugs and kisses when they leave.  Mammy's are put on with super glue so they can't rub them off, although they try just to get me worked up.

(210)  That it's not hard to go to sleep after a night of babysitting.

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