Saturday, February 27

Baby Shower Cake

At Pamela's Sweet Sixteen party, one of the guests asked me if I would make a cake for a baby shower she was giving.  She gave me free reign to do what I wanted, just wanted the rubber duck theme and for a boy who is going to be called "Buck".  This is the cake she picked up this morning for the shower.  I was rather pleased with the way it turned out.  I had searched for pictures of duck cakes and found several similar to this and thought it was "just too cute". 
It's a french vanillia cake, iced in butter cream frosting with pirouette cookies for the bucket.  The towel, soap, soap bubbles and flowers are fondant.  The duck, of course, is rubber and the only thing not edible.  They seemed pleased when they picked it up.
 I love doing cakes that are out of the ordinary.
I have two more baby shower cakes to make, one next week and one the week after.  They are both for baby showers for my daughter-in-law, Misty, and my soon to be here-grandson, Micah Adam.

Monday, February 22


I am trying to Trust God in one of those "hard things" today. 
It's not easy, but I know

Monday, February 15

It Snowed Again!

We woke up to snow this morning.  We had about 5 inches. 
It was really beautiful.

Saturday, February 13

Sweet Sixteen

Today was Pamela's birthday, her "Sweet Sixteen".  Her mom and dad gave her a party, and her mom had asked me to bake her birthday cake.  She wanted something layered, with roses and pink and black.  This is what I came up with.  I thought it turned out rather nice, and everyone seemed to like it.  This was my first time using fondant, and I'm hooked.  It was also the first big layered cake I had done for anyone besides just us.  What do you think?

Pam and her cake. 

 Happy Birthday, Pam, we love you!!

Sunday, February 7

It's Been Busy 'Round Here

I haven't posted in a while, actually about 16 days.  Things have been quite busy around here.  Kylie had a birthday on the 25th and turned 4 years old. 

I've also done some babysitting and spent quality time with my grandkids.

We had a snowstorm,
and made this special treat.
 On the 27th, Jason and I went to pick up Tristan.  It was the first time we'd seen him since he was about 2 weeks old.  He's 4 months old now.  This time, everybody got to meet him.

.  He's been with us since the 27th, but he's going back to his mommy tomorrow.  He's stolen my heart!  He's such a good baby, hardly ever cries, and will laugh and coo, and tell me how good he is. 
Jason has taken right to taking good care of him.  He's the one who gets up in the middle of the night with him, feeds him, talks to him, plays with him, bathes him, etc., and occassionally, he'll let me get in on the action. 

My heart is already breaking to think that when I come home from work tomorrow, he won't be here.  Please remember Tristan and Jason in your prayers, and if you have an extra moment, remember his Mammy too. This is one of those "hard things" I'm having to trust God for. 
This is Tristan the night he came to stay with us.
And this is Tristan now.
 I'm sure gonna miss the little fella!