Sunday, September 10

Good News!

My neice, Kelvey, just called me with some very exciting news.
She called to say that she had been saved tonight!!
Praise the Lord!!

Tuesday, September 5

One Coming and One Going!

Jason returned to the good ole U.S.A. on Sunday evening and Aaron left the good ole U.S.A. on Monday evening. Not a very good tradeoff! I want both of my boys on safe soil! Somehow, the U.S. Military doesn't ask my opinion on that one!

Sunday, September 3

He's Here!!

Words cannot describe how good it was too see him come of that bus and know that he made it home safe and sound!!
God is so good!!
He's still the same old Jason!!
Rob gave him a hand with his stuff. Do ya think he missed his car?

Waiting on Jason, and waiting and waiting...

Seth, Rob & Trish Dad
The hotline said they would be arriving at 3 p.m. So, we got there just a few minutes before 3 because it said it would take them about an hour to get to the buidling from the flightline. And then they announced it would be 4. Then 4:30. Then 5. They finally arrived at 5:45.

Saturday, September 2

We're at Atlantic Beach

This is not the best picture. I snapped it with my camera phone and it was almost dark. It was a beautiful sunset, though. We made it to Havelock and went and walked in the surf at Atlantic Beach. Jace should be here tomorrow evening. Can't wait to see him!