Tuesday, May 25


Here are some cakes I've made in the last couple of months.  This is one I made for the shower they gave Misty at church.  The shower was on a Thursday night, so I didn't have much time to create after working.
The letters are made out of fondant, and all the things little boys like are wood cutouts from the scrapbooking section.
This is the cake I made for our friends Benny & Amy's daughter, Kerri's graduation party.  She graduated from Oliver Springs and their colors are purple & yellow. 
The letters and flowers are from fondant, as is the tassell.  The graduation cap is a 6 inch round cake and the mortar board is made from fondant covered cardboard.
This last cake I made this past weekend for Benny's little friend Tristan's birthday party.  He loves dinosaurs.  At Kerri's graduation party, he told us he wanted to be a "paleontologist".   It was his fourth birthday!.
The sand on the cake is graham cracker crumbs and the rocks are sugar babies and raisinettes
What do you think?

Monday, May 24

360 Degrees

My life has been so very busy lately, there has been very little time to be on the computer and none to actually post a blog post.  Tomorrow will be the last day of school for the year, and Seth will officially be a Junior.  You would think things would be slowing down in my life and I'd be anticipating "empty nest syndrome".  
HA.   HA HA HA!  
Never gonna happen! 
My life has done a complete 360 degrees and I'm back where I started.  Once again, my car contains 3 car seats, my house is full of baby paraphernalia, and there's usually a few toddlers and children running around.   That's what happens when you have six kids with 13 years between the oldest and the youngest.  Before you get the last one out of the house, the grandkids come along. 
And the grandkids like to come to Mammy's. 
Don't get me wrong,
I have learnt though, that I'm not as young as I used to be.  I tire alot easier than I did when my six were little.  But it's a good tired.