Thursday, November 5

Day 5 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm thankful for

(11)  My Dad and the fact that he's active in church again, and has a church family to help him through these trying times.  I love you, Dad!

(12)  My baby sister, Kim, and her family, Robbie, Kelvey & Meg.  We don't see each other often, but I love them dearly.

(13)  My little sister, Debbie, and her family, Wendell, Stephanie, Michael, Punky, Kiah, Jess, Josh, Misty & Rene.  They, too, have their own very special place in my heart.

(14)  A Wednesday afternoon visit with Debbie, just sitting, and talking and being sister's together.

(15)  The fact that Debbie is still here so that we can spend the afternoon together, that cancer hasn't defeated her, though it's put up a good fight, she's whipping it one day at a time with God's grace.

Thank you, Lord!

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