Monday, November 23

Day 23 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(254)  For my job.

(255)  For the people I work with.  We get along well and they are good christian folks.

(256)  That there is only one more day in this work week.

(257)  That I will be off from work 6 days straight.

(258)  For my home.

(259)  For my car and that it gets good gas mileage.

(260)  For my computer.

(261)  That I can afford internet service.

(262)  For heat.  I sure don't like to be cold and there was a year or two a long time ago, that wasn't an easy economy to come by.

(263)  For running water.  I also spent same year with a well pump froze up most of that winter.

(264)  For food and a stove to cook it on.

(265)  For my dishwasher.

(266)  For hands that load and unload the dishwasher.

(267)  That those hands aren't always mine.

(268)  For a warm comfortable bed.

(269)  For indoor plumbing. 

(270)  For doors that lock.

(271)  For my huge yard that grandkids can run and play in, a long ways from the road.

(272)  For my back porch, big enough to hold the whole family, and make memories on.

(273)  For the swing on my front porch and the many hours spent there, talking, swinging babies or just thinking.

(274)  For God's protecting hand.  Just got a phone call from Aaron and he and Tasha were in a wreck this afternoon.  A guy pulled out in front of them and Aaron swerved to miss him.  Nailed the front of the guy's car and sent them over an embankment.  Thank God Tasha and Aaron walked away with no injuries, although the truck didn't fare so well.  The guy was arrested for being intoxicated and high.

(275)  That Kylie & Wyatt were at day care, and not with them.

(276)  For great big trucks!


mom and dad francis said...

Can't you just imagine what Kylie would have said had she been there? I'm sure it would have been good! ha ha And, yes I'm glad that they were at the day care too!

Teresa said...

I can just imagine what my Kylie bug would have to say. I'm sure it'd be a dandy story. So glad you all weren't hurt. Trucks can be replaced, but not you all. Love you!