Sunday, November 15

Day 15 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(107)  That I could rest and sleep today so hopefully I'll feel better.

(108)  That husband and sons are capable of fending for themselves when it comes to eating.

(109)  That even though I'm unable to attend church, they still go.

(110)  For medicine to take away the aches and pains.

(111)  For sleep and the healing that comes with it.

(112)  For laughter.

(113)  For a comfortable chair.

(114)  For a warm blanket.

(115)  For the comfort of folks praying for you.

(116)  For being missed.

(117)  For good friends.

(118)  For Dr. Pepper.
(119)  For hope. 
(120)  For a warm bed.

(121)  For a new day.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Hope your feeling better today!!!!
Love You,