Monday, November 9

Day 9 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(38)  That Mondays do not last forever.

(39)  That even when the day seems to be going wrong, I can still find things to laugh and smile about.

(40)  That my sisters have such a wonderful sense of humor.  Thanks for the comment, Kim, you made me laugh!

(41)  For little arms that wind around my neck in great big hugs!

(42)  For sweet little voices that say "I love you to the stars" (Kylie) or "I love you to the moon" (Kyra) or "I love you to infinity" (Elijah, he's 5, go figure) or "I love you to Jupiter" (Owen, who is 3, who knew he'd ever heard of Jupiter).  They make my joy overflow.  I love it!

(43)  For 4 little bodies all piled into the recliner with me, going every which way, all cuddled together and for Mackeinzie, whose grown too big for the recliner.

(44)  For 2 more little bodies who'll soon be clamboring to join us and the hope that one day, Tristan will join us too.  I will need a bigger recliner!

(45)  That Kyra thinks my 30 Days of Thankfulness is "cool".

(46)  That thinking of these things has made my day brighter and my Monday doesn't seem quite so bad.  (Thank goodness there is only 5 1/2 more hours in my workday, though).


mom and dad francis said...

You really are gonna need that huge rocking chair before long! :) Did you ever think that you would be blessed with so many grandchildren? God is def. Great!! We love you and look forward to seeing you soon! I know 2 little kids who will be happy to pile up in the recliner along with the other ones! :))

Teresa said...

Can't wait for the day!