Thursday, November 19

Day 19 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

Today, I'm Thankful

(172)  That I got to go watch my neice, Kiah, play basketball.

(173)  That I got to see Stephanie again.

(174)  That Debbie was at the ballgame.

(175)  That she looked well and was eating.

(176)  That Seth and Pamela went with me.

(177)  That I saw a dear friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

(178)  That she has such an understanding heart and a way of encouraging me.

(179)  That there are people in this world who think and feel the same way about things as you do, even if it goes against the majority of the people in your circle.

(180)  That we can learn from each other and our mistakes.

(181)  That this friend also loves someone I love and isn't afraid to say so.

(182)  That God allowed her to be my friend.

(183)  That God is all knowing and supplies what we need.

(184)  That as my friend said, "God knows everything about us and what we do, even before we do it, and He loves us anyway.  He's just waiting on us to realize it.  He loves me Just As I Am".

(185)  That once we realize it, great changes take place.

(186)  For supper at Cracker Barrell with Seth & Pam.

(187)  That Seth likes such a sweet girl as Pam.

(188)  For the chance to see Tasha, Kylie & Wyatt again before they left.

(189)  That saying "Goodbye" was easier this time, knowing they'll be back in a week, for good.

(190)  That they will all be back in a week.

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