Thursday, November 12

Day 12 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm Thankful

(68)  That I got to keep four of my grandbabies tonight, Kyra, Elijah, Owen and Abby.

(Abby, Kyra, Elijah & Owen)
(69)  For the enjoyment I get out of watching each one of them be themselves.

(70)  For Kyra's intelligence, sweetness and love of her siblings.  She is a serious computer junky and way more tech savy than most people, especially her tech-challenged papaw!

(71)  For Elijah's gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes.  He's the quiet, serious, rule-following child, with the big heart.  He likes to wipe mammy's kisses off with a big grin on his face, which just means he gets that many more!

(72)  For Owen's ability to entertain.  He's such an entertaining little stinker. Those mischievious eyes and impish grin warn of what's to come.  He has an amazing sense of humor for one so young and keeps us all laughing.

(73)  For Abby's big smile and happy personality.  She's usually smiling and laughing and clapping her hands.  She is a mommy's girl, though.  She took a spell where nothing made her happy tonight.  I think she missed her mommy.  She broke everyone's heart with those teary eyes and pitiful sobs.  Uncle Jace catered to her every whim, and when he left, Seth had to walk her around.  Every time he offered her to someone else, she clung to him and whimpered.  She finally settled down and went to sleep in my arms, where she stayed until Mommy returned, at which time she was her laughing, happy self.

(74)  For the pictures I saw of Tristan and the report that he's growing and weighs over six pounds now.


(75)  For the ultra sound picture of the newest little Francis, and the report that all looks well with him/her.


(76)  That Papaw is much more aware of his grandkids these days, and that they have him wrapped around their little fingers.

(77)  That I had my children when I was young, because it was alot easier then.  I'd hate to think I had to do it all now.  Believe it or not, I'm alot older and tired-er these days.

(78)  For the fact that with grandchildren, you get to enjoy them and don't have to worry about all the hard stuff.  Like feeding and clothing them, disciplining them, etc., you just get to love on them.

(79)  That God allowed me to be a grandma to all 8 (soon to be 9) of these wonderful grandbabies!

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