Friday, August 7

Sunday, The Beach and Waterfront Park at Night

On Sunday, we got up and went back to the Old Market in Charleston. We still have a few gifts to buy for grandkids and others. After that, we went back to Folly Beach. Not long after we got there, a storm blew in. The clouds looked really awesome. I took these pictures with my cell phone. They ran everyone off the beach, and we went back to the Hotel and cleaned up for supper. We ate at the Charleston Crab House.

After supper, we drove around and decided to see how far it was to Sullivan Island. We drove out to Fort Moultrie (which you could not see in the dark) and back. We then decided to go back to Waterfront Park and wander around.

Parking is very hard to find in Charleston, unless you use one of the parking garages. After dark, we would rather park out in the open. We drove around several times before finding a spot, and then Misty had to feed the meter.

This is a view of Waterfront Park from the pier.

This is the Pineapple fountain in Waterfront Park. This is the main fountain in the park. You are allowed to play in this one. We saw many children, teenagers and adults playing here.

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