Friday, August 7

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Just a little break from my vacation posts to wish Debbie a Happy Birthday! For the next 30 days we are the same age. I look forward to this time every year cause I can truthfully tell her she's as old as I am. "How old are we", you ask. Well, ask Debbie that question. I like her answers better. (Just don't ask Kim, she's the baby and may make us out to be older than we are! Love you, Kim! : )

(Me, Debbie & Kim)

Anyway, I hope you have a great birthday, Debbie!

I love you!


mom and dad francis said...

I think you two are 26! Isn't that what Debbie usually says? LOL

Debbie said...

29 But who's counting!!!!

kim said...

I ain't saying a word,anyway you look at it,I win!(whether I'm 22 or
17)By the way whose that cute guy in the background of the picture.

kim said...

Oops!I can't count,22 or 19.Hey,
whats two years.Oh,I guess to you guys it's alot!!!! Hee,Hee!