Saturday, August 29

Another Night in the ER

I spent another night in the ER last night with my father-in-law. He mannaged to take 4 days worth of blood pressure meds, blood thinner and pain pills in one day. His neice, who had stopped by to see him called and said that he had the gun out and wanted it loaded. When Malachi and Charlie went to see what he was doing, he was unconscious. That's when they discovered he had taken all those meds. So, the ambulance was called and he was taken to the ER where we spent about 5 hours. They gave him something in the ambulance that brought him around, and he proceeded to cuss out the paramedic. After his blood pressure and heart rate came back up and he was awake, he was sent home. He is very beligerant. They did another CT scan, and the doctor said that the stroke was "evolving". Which after questioning the doctor, we believe means that the results of the stroke are becoming more acute. His eyesight has gotten worse, (he says that he can't even see his feet), he has more weakness on his left side, etc. He is very hard to deal with. My mother-in-law has altzheimer's. She functions well with the day to day activities, cooking, cleaning etc., but her mind is not what it should be. She doesn't know the difference between reality and an idea that she gets in her head. Whatever someone says to her will be her new reality until something else is said. Charlie is an only child, so there is no one else to help but me, Charlie and my kids. We are still trying to figure out the best way to handle it all.

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