Friday, August 7

Charleston Carriage Ride

We had planned all along to take one of the carriage rides around Charleston. We finally got a chance on Monday morning. I highly recommend them. I didn't make many pictures, as I was way too interested in all of the history. I did learn why the houses are situated the way they are, with the front of one facing the back of the other. Many of the people who came to Charleston came from the Carribbean. There they had found that they could get more houses on the peninsula by situating them like this. They face the direction they do to get the most out of the breezes that blow from the ocean. Most of the older houses have one room that goes across the entire floor, with windows on the ends, so that the breeze will keep the house cooler. The doors from the street to the porch were for privacy reasons, as many would spend their evenings there.

We had planned to take the boat ride to Fort Sumter after the carriage ride. We did visit the Fort Sumter Memorial, but if we had taken the boat ride, it would have put us getting home to Tennessee around midnight. So, instead, we visited Fort Moultrie.

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