Sunday, August 16

Happy Birthday, Seth!

My "baby" turns 15 today! Wow, time sure flies sometimes. We (me, Charlie, Misty & Pamela) took him to Olive Garden last night for dinner, and then to see "GI Joe". I think he had a pretty good birthday. Even though, to his embarrassment, the Olive Garden waiters and waitresses sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
Guess we'll be heading to Rockwood to get his permit on Tuesday. I've survived 5 teenaged drivers, guess I can survive 1 more.

Happy 15th Birthday, Seth!

I Love You!

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mom and dad francis said...

Hard to believe that when me and Aaron started dating he hadn't started school yet and now he's 16! Gosh he makes me feel old. Sounds like he had a great day! Tell the "little" guy (that's what he'll always be to me) that I said Happy Birthday!!!