Monday, August 10

The Beach at Fort Moultrie/Last of Vacation Pics

After touring Fort Moultrie, we walked down to the beach which faced Fort Sumter.

Fort Sumter

This beach was alot rockier in spots. You weren't allowed to get in the water here, as this is in the shipping lane where the big ships come into Charleston. It was pretty and peaceful here. There probably wasn't 10 people on the beach.
That sign in the distance is the one telling you you'd be fined for getting in the water.
These rocks were covered with shells (that were attached).
This is a ship that passed by while we were on the beach. All of those things that look like boxes were actually containers that look like railroad cars. The ship was HUGE!
Misty picking up shells. We found alot that had crabs in them.
A big crab we saw on the beach.
Well, that's the last of my vacation pictures. After leaving Fort Moultrie, we headed home. It's always such a good feeling when you cross that state line and know you are once again in the great state of Tennessee. We had a really good time in Charleston, and I'd love to go again. There was still lots to do that we didn't have time for, and I'm always up for the beach!

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