Sunday, August 2

Saturday in Charleston

On Saturday, we went to Folly Beach on James Island. We spent some time walking around the shops and then went to the beach. This is the pier at Folly Beach.
We spent a few hours at the beach and then went back to the hotel to clean up and go to supper in Charleston. We ate at the Noisy Oyster. Their food was really good. It's been the best we've had so far. Then we spent some time walking around the historic area looking in shops and going out on the pier at Waterfront Park.

This picture was taken at the end of the pier at Waterfront Park looking back towards the shoreline.

This is looking out towards Fort Sumter.
This is the ship across the water from the pier.
This is the bridge you cross going to Isle of Palms and Sullkivan's Island. Me Misty
After wandering on the pier, we went back towards the Market and were going to take a carriage ride around town. However, the man and woman in front of us got the last two seats on the last carriage tour of the evening. So, instead, we took the walking "Ghost Tour". But that'll be my next post.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad your having a good time. I love all the pictures. I bet your sunburn is going to hurt real bad on your return trip. I will be praying that you both have a safe and pain free trip back.

mom and dad francis said...

Love the pics! So do you think there will be room for one more girl after we move back? LOL Glad you guys are having a good time!!

Teresa said...

We definitely have room for one more! We actually talked about that this past weekend. I think we should leave all the kids with their Dad's and all the Francis (& Harmon, whose a Francis by blood) women take a trip together! Sounds like fun!