Wednesday, February 18

Valentine's Day-The Banquet

The guest speaker for the Valentine's Banquet was Bro. Tony Clower from Salem Baptist Church in Ten Mile. He brought an excellent devotion.
After the devotion and a skit done by Pastor Pallotta, Bro. Jonathan and Ms Becky, (sorry, no pictures, I was making salads) dinner was served (by me). Ms Barbara made an excellent meal for everybody. It started off with salad, then Hawaiian chicken, green beans, baked potatoes and rolls. Dessert was brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce.

Ms Barbara

The Diners:
Pastor Pallotta, Bro. Tony, Ms Kim, and Ms Tammy
Alyssa, Faith & Lindsay Skyler, Joe, Pamela & Seth
Bro. Jonathan & Bro. Ryan (Ms Becky & Ms Robin were getting ready for the games)
Everybody participated in a couple of games. One was a memory game, and then this one you had to ask questions and guess who you were and who was supposed to be your partner. For instance, David & Bathsheba, Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Salt & Pepper, etc. After that, door prizes were awarded and pictures were made.
All the kids: Back row, Lindsay, Skyler, & Joe. Front row: Emily, Faith, Alyssa, Seth & Pamela.
Seth trying to appear taller than Pamela
Seth still trying to appear taller than Pamela
Seth giving up and accepting facts as they are
Skyler & Joe
Faith, Lindsay, Alyssa & Skyler A normal picture of the girls being silly (and influencing Emily) Faith & Alyssa
Alyssa really likes having her picture made Bro. Tony and Sis. Kim Clower
Bro. Ryan & Sis. Robin Sparkman
Pastor & Mrs. Pallotta & Emily
Joe showing off his muscles to impress Skyler One last picture of Seth & Pamela

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