Sunday, February 15

Boys & Trees

Kyra, Elijah & Owen spent the night Friday night. I was kind of busy decorating and working at the Valentine's Banquet at church, so Papaw did most of the baby sitting. Kyra went with me to the church Friday night and played with Emily, while Papaw watched the boys. He had already given them a bath and had them ready for bed by the time we got back. I did catch a chance to get a couple of pictures of Elijah climbing the tree in the yard and showing me his "trick".
There is just something about these boys and trees. Kyra was busy riding the bike through the yard and moving so fast I couldn't catch a picture of her. After I snapped the picture of Elijah, I heard a little voice saying "cheese" and snapped these of Owen.

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Peggy said...

Oh, these are precious!