Sunday, February 15

Valentine's Banquet-Decorations

We had a Valentine's Banquet at church for our teenagers on Valentine's Day. I spent two days decorating and getting everything ready for it. Here are some pictures of the decorations.
Leading into the building, we had lights strung down the walkway (sorry, no picture)
You came down the hallway and under the arch of balloons and hearts (later used for pictures)
Immediately on the left is the bulletin board and counter space. Below is a close up of the arrangement on the shelf in the corner.Ms Roxie made this beautiful arrangement for our youth month three years ago. (I know it was three years ago because there is a picture of my granddaughter, Kylie, as a newborn, and she was born January 25, 2006. I think the kids enjoyed seeing the old pictures of everybody and how much they had changed. Going on around the room I decorated this wall with this verse from Jeremiah and used hearts with the kids names. This is the end wall of the lunchroom. I used the second part of the verse in Jeremiah on the opposite wall and more hearts with the kids names.
This was the table arrangement. I also used white lights on the floor all the way around the room, as you can see in some of the pictures. The table decorations, all lit up. These pictures are from the far end of the room, with the lights on. But I didn't have the candles lit, except in the last one.
I was real glad when I got everything finished, especially with all the computer and printer problems I had. I thought everything looked nice. Hope everyone else did. What do you think?


Peggy said...

It's absolutely beautiful! You are SO creative. Jonathan kept saying how nice it was.

Tammy said...

It was very beautiful! I hope you know how much we appreciate all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Teresa, The room looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work! Your updated website is great!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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