Tuesday, July 7

Later 'Gator

Malachi and Luke are working in Louisiana. Sunday, they took a boat ride out into the swamp. They sent me these pictures yesterday. Gives new meaning to the phrase "later 'gator".
While they were making friends with the 'gators, we were sitting in the airport in Nashville waiting on Seth's plane to get in. It was almost 3 hours late. Before Seth got on the plane that morning, he had told Pamela that he had a really bad feeling about the flight. They had to change planes in Memphis because there was something wrong with their's, and then when they made it to Nashville, they were unable to land because of the storm. Seth said when they started the descent, there was a big flash of lightening near the plane. They were diverted to Evansville, Indiana, for more fuel. When they returned to Nashville, they spent time flying above the clouds until the storm passed and they could land. He was really glad to get off that plane! I sure was thrilled to see him walk off that plane!! I really missed him. I'm not sure who he was happier to see, me, his dad or Pamela. Anybody want to hazard a guess? ; )
Tasha, Kylie & Wyatt will be flying back to Nebraska today. We are really going to miss them. And we are praying their flight is better than Seth's was!

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