Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th & Happy Birthday, Rachel

Today is Rachel's birthday. She's 26. I won't tell you how old that makes me. When Rachel was little, we would tell her she had the best birthday ever. Everybody celebrated it with her. She's a smart kid, though, and caught on pretty fast. She wanted to know why they didn't all get her presents. We told her the fireworks were her present. She doesn't quite buy that anymore. We celebrated the day today with a cook out, complete with a birthday cake, and then going to Kingston to watch the fireworks. I think everybody had a good time, although I missed Aaron, Seth, Malachi & Luke. We had a pretty good crowd, though. There was me, Charlie, Misty, Mackeinzie, Rachel, Chris, Kyra, Elijah, Owen, Abby, Tasha, Kylie, Wyatt, Jason, Taylor, Jared, Britney, Rob and my Dad. I wanted to get a group picture of all my grandkids together. I don't get too many opportunities to have them all in one place. Everybody was prefectly happy,
till I said I wanted a picture.
Then, no body was too happy.
This is what I got:
That's Keinzie (9) on the top step holding Abby (3 months) and Owen (3), and on the bottom step is Kyra (7) Kylie (3 1/2) holding Wyatt (1) and then Elijah (5)
I think Tasha got some better ones. I will have to get them from her before she leaves on Tuesday.
We enjoyed the fireworks show tonight. Even little Abby was taking it all in. You know, when you have two sons and a son in law that served or are serving in the military, it really changes your perspective on the 4th of July. I remember 4 years ago, we were in Kingston watching the fireworks when my cell phone rang. It was Jason, calling me from Iraq. Tonight, as we were walking back to our cars, I heard Kyra ask Rachel about the fourth of July and Rachel explaining to her about how America fought against England because of the unfair taxes. She told her that during the battle, they couldn't see the flag for the smoke and all the bombs bursting, and when the smoke cleared, they saw that their flag was still waving. I was blessed as I listened to her tell Kyra about how this great country came to be. I am so grateful for this country that we live in and call home. God has really blessed our nation. Even though she's not all that she should be right now, she is still the greatest country of all. In part, thanks to all those who have fought to preserve our freedoms. To them, I say

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