Wednesday, June 3

Just Got Home

I just got home and wanted to post an update before going to bed, as I plan to sleep late in the morning before going to work at noon. We got to go back and see Debbie before we left the hospital. Wendell stayed back there throughout the whole visiting time and the rest of us went back one at a time to see her. Pastor Jones, Steph and Jess all came back talking about how good she looked, especially compared to last time. I was unable to be there last time, so really didn't have a point of reference. She did look amazingly well for all that she's been through. While I was in the room, one of Dr. Nettervilles associates came in to check on her. He walked past her bed to the next one, and then came back. He told us that he didn't think she was the right patient because she was interacting with us. He said that most of the time his patients aren't even awake at that point, much less trying to communicate. He said she was doing really well. He instructed her to relax and try to rest as much as possible. She would mouth things to us, and I did pretty good reading her lips. As we were leaving the room, she told us to pray for her. It is so hard to see your little sister laying there like that, knowing all that she's been through and all that's ahead. It makes me hurt for her, and there's nothing I can do to take the pain away. Once again, I ask you to please pray for her. Pray for a quick and complete healing. Pray she'll have the ability to tolerate the pain and that there will be very little pain. But most of all, please remember her prayer request...that God will giver her grace. He has been so good, and merciful, and gracious! We can never thank Him enough.

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Peggy said...

Glad to hear good news. Will keep praying.