Saturday, June 6

Debbie's in A Room

They just moved Debbie into a room about an hour ago and just got her settled in. She is trying to sleep right now, and Wendel has gone to eat. She seems to be doing really well. The doctor said this morning that they will change the trach out tomorrow for a smaller one, which will allow her to breath some through her nose and mouth. If that works well and the swelling is down, they will then see about removing the trach. He said that she would like the smaller one better, because it would allow her to breath through her nose. They will also remove the bandage on her arm tomorrow to check the skin graft, and replace it with a smaller one. Most all of her pain is coming from the place on her leg and her arm. It burns. But the meds are helping. She is doing amazingly well, and will do much better once the trach is removed. She told me that the feeding tube she was so worried about "is no big deal", and has said she isn't even hungry. Please just keep praying for her. I know that she appreciates it more than you will ever know.


Peggy said...

Yes, still praying. So glad for the improvements.

Mo said...

Praying for Debbie!