Tuesday, June 2

Debbie's Out of Surgery

Debbie's out of surgery and doing good. It took 10 1/2 hours. We should be able to go back and see her soon, they told us it would be about an hour, and it's been close to that. She has a trach and a feeding tube. If all goes perfect, she'll have the trach for 5 to 6 days. The said they didn't want her to eat or drink anything for 7 days. She has alot of tissue in her mouth for the flap, but it will shrink as the healing takes place. The place on her arm is 8x12 centimeters and then she has a cut up her arm where they took the vein. They took skin from her left thigh for the skin graft to her arm. They said that they wanted her conscious and breathing on her own today, and she will have to begin working her mouth almost immediately to prevent it trying to close again. Please pray that the healing will be quick and complete. And for the Lord to give her grace. That is her constant request. I will update again after we get to see her.

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