Thursday, April 2

Praise The Lord!

Debbie got good news back from the pathology report. Wendell posted this on her blog:
A little good news from Heaven. God has smiled on us again today with a taste of heaven for my soul. I have never posted before (this is Wendell) but I am bubbling over with joy and want the world to know. We received the pathology report back from Vanderbilt today and the news comes back as low-grade polymorphous adenocarcinoma (this by the way, if it had to be cancerous, is the one we wanted) and it was in the hard palate only. The soft palate was not affected, though they did remove a portion of it. We will know next Friday if radiation will be necessary so please pray. God has given us grace through all of this and his presence is so real and so sweet I can't even begin to explain how I feel right now. They say being saved isn't about feelings but it sure feels good to know you are saved and to know the realness of God and that He cares about us!! Shouting hallelujah......................................................

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