Tuesday, March 31

So Much To Thank Him For

I truly have so much to thank Him for. This week has been so hard, but He has abundantly supplied all the grace that was needed and more. We have truly felt the prayers of God's people and have seen His mighty hand at work. I honestly don't think I could list all the ways we have seen Him work. From the littlest thing we were concerned about in arrangements to the bigger things such as how He's worked in Debbie's life and allowed the pain to recede so that she could get ready to attend Mom's funeral. He has allowed so many people to bless us with their presence and their words, their kind deeds, but most of all their love. Pastor Jones, Pastor Parrot, Pastor Pallotta and Bro. Harvey have been there all the way from the hospitals to the graveside and everywhere in between. We are truly blessed with pastor's and preacher friends. And the church families who have supplied so much food that it is unbelievable! From the Tabernacle, Fellowship, Mill Baptist and so many more. The have delivered food to our homes and to Dad's. And then there are the special friends who have supplied food and services, but most of all a shoulder to cry on! We thank God for you, and know that He will richly reward you! Their were over 512 people who came through the church when we received friends!! This is but a beginning of all the things that I have to thank Him for, and I am truly grateful and humbled that He should care so very much and show that care through each and every one of you!! May God bless you all!


Debbie said...

We are Blessed!

Peggy said...

God bless you, Teresa. Your testimony is a blessing!