Sunday, December 28

They're Home!

Aaron, Tasha, Kylie & Wyatt made it to Tennessee this morning. It was so good to have all my family together at one time. That's hard to do sometimes when there is 17 in your immediate family! They were all here today except Keinzie. She's at her Dad's. Here are some of my favorite pictures from today.

Five of my grandkids. Owen, Elijah, Kylie, Kyra & Wyatt. Only Keinzie is missing.

Seth & Aaron Jace Feeding Wyatt Sir 'Lijah Kyra Resting
Owen & Kylie Engrossed in an episode of Dora Wyatt & his big eyes
Three of them enjoying milkshakes from Sonic
Luke not sure he believes what Tasha's telling him
Owen checking out the deer Malachi killed today
Kyra making Wyatt laugh

Jace & Christina

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Stephanie said...

Good to know Aaron and Tasha made it in safe. Their kids are adorable....they must take after Tasha.