Friday, December 26

Christmas Eve at Malachi & Misty's

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Malachi & Misty's. Mackeinzie had to leave afterwards to go to her dad's, so she opened all her presents. Kyra, Elijah and Owen opened theirs from Keinzie. The rest of us are waiting until New Year's Eve, when Aaron and Tasha and the kids will be here. We are going to celebrate our Christmas then, so we can all be together. Unfortunately, Keinzie will still be at her dad's. Mamaw and Papaw opened a couple of theirs, and will open the rest on New Year's.
Mamaw June

Seth & his girlfriend, Pamela

Kyra, Owen, Mammy, Elijah & Mackeinzie

Rachel, Owen & Papaw

Dixie (Misty's Mom) watching Charlie carve the ham

Papaw with his walking cane from Malachi, Misty & Keinzie. He's blowing the whistle attached to the top. That's Buster, Misty's dad, in the background.

Mamaw modeling one Christmas present while opening another.

Mackeinzie with her webkin from Uncle Jason.

Kyra with her Littlest Pet Shop toy.

Elijah opening his remote controlled Raptor like Uncle Malachi's real one.

Owen with his dinasaur. He had a ball with it and entertained everyone!
Kyra & Keinzie enjoying each other's company. (Elijah took this picture)


Yudhi said...

Hello i am from Indonesia

Peggy said...

Nothing like that family time! How wonderful!