Friday, January 22

The other day, I picked Kylie & Wyatt up when I got off work.  Their Mommy & Daddy both had that awful stomach virus.  It was one of those days that was really warm.  So, we were able to be outside for a while, and they enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.  I was able to get some pretty good pictures.

Wyatt had a little trouble standing up with Kylie jumping so high, but he was enjoying it anyway.

He likes to run around in circles.

After I'd take a picture, Kylie would have to come look, but she couldnt get off the trampoline by herself.  Papaw gave her a lift.

My camera has a feature that allows me to shoot in black and white, but allow one color to show up.  These were taken in that mode, with the red showing.

Wyatt had a nacho cheese dorito in his hand, that's why his hands and lips look so red.  As you can tell, he's all boy.  There was one little puddle on the porch, and he had to jump in it.

I like this picture.  Isn't she gorgeous?

Look, Mammy, fire!

Malachi was cutting parts off a bronco before hauling it off.  Seth was watching.  I thought it made a neat picture with just the red in color.

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