Tuesday, April 28

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Check out my neice Stephanie's blog. www.kringangel.blogspot.com And vote in the mother's day contest.

Sunday, April 26


For those who don't know, I make and sell jewelry in my spare time. It's a hobby that started in late 2003 when Rachel wanted a mother's bracelet. It's something I really enjoy doing when I have a free moment. I started a blog for it in 2007 but haven't posted much on it. I plan on changing that. Tonight, I posted some pictures of my latest creations. There is a link to the site on the right hand side of this page, or you can click here: http://www.beadatitudes.blogspot.com/ . Go check it out and leave me a message to tell me what you think.

Thursday, April 23

Madison On Her Way Home

Just talked to Misty who had talked to Amanda, and they are on their way home with Madison. Please continue to pray for them as they still have a rough road ahead of them.

Wednesday, April 22

More Good News About Madison

Jeremy & Amanda posted this on Madison's care page a little while ago:
"The doctor said I might get to go home tomorrow. Mommy and daddy have their work cut out for them taking care of me. I have to have medicine every couple of hours and I eat every three hours. I'm excited about going home and playing. Mommy and daddy can not wait to take me home. We are so thankful that she is doing well. Thanks so much for the prayers, money, and thoughts you gave us in our time of need. The nursing staff and doctors has been wonderful here to us. Thanks so much for everything you have done for us."
and this:
Praise the Lord
"We want to praise the Lord for what he has done with our child. He has carried us through this trial that we are going through. Jeremy and I have spent alot of time on our knees. We couldn't have made it without him. He gave us the strength to make it. The Lord has brought us closer than we have ever been going through this trial. It makes you more thankful for what you have. Jeremy and I want to thank everybody for all you have done. Praise the lord for everything, he is so wonderful. He's still working miracles everyday, our child is living proof.Praise you Lord. Madison is five months today. The lord sent us a angel when he sent her to Jeremy and I. She means everything to us. She is the light of our eyes. She's a very special little girl. We have been blessed with such good care, the doctors and nurses have been wonderful to us. The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent us here. We stop everyday and are so thankful for what we have. Praise the Lord!"

Tuesday, April 21

Care Pages For Madison

Jeremy & Amanda have established a Care Pages page for Madison You can access it at http://www.carepages.com/ You will have to establish a login and password and then search littlemadison. You can also leave them a message to let them know you are thinking about them or praying for them.

Good News About Madison

Debbie just called me to tell me that they have moved Madison out of the unit and into her own room. She is doing so much better than this time last week when the doctor didn't give them much hope. They are beginning to teach Amanda and Jeremy how to administer her medicines and monitor her heart. She will still be in the hospital for a while and still has a long way to go, but what good news! Thank you for praying for her and please continue to pray for Madison and her family. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, ~ TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE!

Sunday, April 19


Madison is doing some better. They removed the temporary pace maker on Friday and her heart is beating on it's own, just slightly fast. As of right now there is no surgery planned. They are giving her oral medicines instead of IV meds. She is still in the unit. They said if everything goes as planned, she will probably be there a couple more weeks. Please continue to pray for her. Here are some pics from yesterday.

Friday, April 17

Madison & Her Mommy

I received this picture from Amanda & Jeremy late last night. When asked how she was doing, they said "a little bit better. She might not have to have the pacemaker". I heard a report yesterday saying that the temporary pace maker seemed to be regulating her heart, and if it continued to do so, they might not do the surgery today. Haven't heard anything more.
Please continue to pray!

Wednesday, April 15

Change in Plans

I just talked to Debbie and they have again changed their plans for treating Madison. Now the plans are that they will run tests tomorrow, and then on Friday they will do surgery. The heart doctor wants to open Madison up and take a good look at her heart to see what is going on. He will also place the pace maker at that time. Please pray for them, as this is very serious surgery and will be a rough recovery.


Madison did not have the surgery for the pace maker this evening. When Misty talked to Amanda, they were taking Madison back for tests and then into surgery. I talked to Debbie a little while ago and she said that they had taken her back to do the tests but because they were so booked up, they were unable to do the tests. So, they brought Madison back without doing the surgery and have it scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow. At that time, they will take her back to do the MRI and other tests and if they are okay, will immediately take her back to surgery. Debbie and Bennie are on their way back to Vanderbilt. Please continue to pray for this family and little Madison.

Madison In Surgery

I just received word that Madison is currently in surgery receiving a dual chamber pace maker. Please pray!
I also received this email from Pastor Pallotta:
"Mrs. Deb Miller called me a little while ago. They are getting conflicting reports from different doctors. I told you of the very bleak prognosis from the doctor last night. Well, another doctor came in today and told them the doctor who told them that was wrong. This doctor said that they hope to put a permanent pace maker in Madison's heart. This should keep her well until she is older (around 3 years old) and then they could consider a heart transplant or other options."


I got this message from our Pastor after he talked to Debbie last night. Please pray!
"The heart doctor came in and told the family that the heart is not fixable. The only hope for Madison is either a heart transplant or a miracle. The heart transplant is only possible if all the other organs are functioning properly. Right now Madison's liver is not functioning properly. The doctor said that Madison will not leave the hospital without a transplant or a miracle. Please continue to remember her and her family tonight and tomorrow. The doctors are going to consult together about what course of action to take."

Tuesday, April 14

Latest Picture of Madison

Amanda sent me this picture of Madison a little while ago. Notice that the vent is gone. The doctors say she is still not out of the woods. She could be at Vanderbilt for several more weeks or even months. Please continue to remember her and her family in prayer.


The pace maker is doing it's job and helping to regulate Madison's heart. They are going to try and wean her off the ventilator today. She's still a very sick little girl and still needs our prayers.
Amanda sent me these pictures and this message.
Im awake and happy and sayn hello to everybody

Monday, April 13


I spoke with both Amanda & Debbie a little while ago. Madison is getting a temporary pace maker to help with her heart. They are hoping it will help enough that they will be able to treat her with some heavy doses of medication. They have said that this is very rare in a child so young, and they are having to figure out how to treat her. She is a very sick little girl. Amanda said that she opened her eyes when Jeremy spoke to her and that she was squeezing their hands. Please pray for this family!

Sunday, April 12

Madison Flown to Vanderbilt

Please continue to pray for Madison. She was flown to Vanderbilt this evening. The doctor's at Children's felt it was in her best interest to be moved. She really needs our prayers, as her life may be hanging in the balance. Jeremy and Amanda left driving to Vandy when she left. The flight should have taken about 45 minutes and drive time is at least twice that. I can only imagine how terrible that drive was. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Saturday, April 11

Update on Madison

Please continue to pray for Madison and her family. She is at Children's Hospital in the ICU but she is currently stable, although they have placed her on a vent. Apparently, she had a virus that has affected the valves of her heart and she is in danger of heart failure. They will be doing some more tests in the morning to see how she is doing. Please continue to pray for her!

Pray For Madison

Jeremy Miller's daughter needs your prayers. Madison is 4 months old and is in pretty serious condition in the ICU at Children's Hospital. I do not know all the details, but I do know they need prayer. Jeremy is Malachi's best friend and has spent many, many days at my house while he was growing up. I have known him and his parents all his life. Please pray for Madison, Jeremy, Amanda (his wife) and Debbie & Bennie Miller (Jeremy's parents). Malachi and Misty are on the way to the hospital, so I will update when I know something more.

Tuesday, April 7

God Had A Plan

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
~Romans 8:28~
I have always considered this verse to be my life verse. Many things have happened in my life that I could not understand. This verse has always helped me to gain perspective when faced with these situations. There were times such as when Charlie was laid off and I was pregnant with our second child and we had no income or insurance, the time the doctor's told me that I might loose the daughter I carried or that she might have to have blood transfusions in utero, the time when we tried to buy a larger home for our family of five children (we were living in a two bedroom trailer) and were unable to do so, and the list goes on and on. At this point in my life, I can look back at those times and see some of the reasons God allowed them to happen the way they did. Some were to teach us lessons that would help us later on. Some were to just learn to trust Him more and be willing to accept His will, no matter what. I know that I don't know all the reasons for the things that have taken place, but I do believe that He has a reason for everything that happens even though I may not see it at the time. This verse has given me great hope and comfort through the years.
There are things that have happened in the last couple of weeks that I do not understand. My mom dying unexpectedly the day before my sister was to have cancer surgery, my son and daughter-in-law loosing their baby, all in the same week my new granddaughter was born. But through it all, through all the grief and joy, I know that God has a reason, a plan, and that He will work it for our good.
This evening, Seth and I went to eat at the Cracker Barrell. While we were there, I was speaking with someone I knew. They were expressing how sorry they were to hear of my mom's death and my sister's surgery the next day. This person said that they didn't understand why they couldn't put the surgery off. I explained that Debbie had talked about having the surgery put off, but we kept telling her that we didn't want her to, that she needed to get the tumor taken care of and then the doctor said it would be a month before they could reschedule it. Dad promised her that we would wait before doing anything about Mom's funeral until she was with us. It was a promise he was prepared to keep no matter what. Debbie had the surgery and it was a week from the day mom had the stroke before we had the funeral. Though in pain, Debbie was able to be there for the funeral and graveside services.
I really had no idea why things had happened the way they had, so much in one week, so that things were delayed. That is, until later this evening. After leaving the Cracker Barrell, Seth and I went by to see Dad and see how he was doing. While we were talking, Dad said that he didn't think he could have made it through everything if we had had the funeral right away. He said that having everyone around for that week had helped him to accept the fact that Mom was gone. God, in His infinite wisdom, had a plan and He worked it for good. I thank Him for that!
We have yet to see all that He has done but I believe that one day, we will be able to look back and see so much more. He's still placing the pieces of the puzzle together, but one day we'll see the whole picture, and what a beautiful work it will be!

Sunday, April 5

My Newest Granddaughter

A Sure Sign Spring Is In The Air

Violets & Dandelions
Boys Working Husband Mowing
Dirt Bike Riding
Bike Riding And Grandkids Playing
And Keinzie

Saturday, April 4


Debbie is still having a lot of pain. It breaks my heart to think of her in so much pain. Please pray that the pain would ease and that she would be able to eat and sleep.

Thursday, April 2

Praise The Lord!

Debbie got good news back from the pathology report. Wendell posted this on her blog:
A little good news from Heaven. God has smiled on us again today with a taste of heaven for my soul. I have never posted before (this is Wendell) but I am bubbling over with joy and want the world to know. We received the pathology report back from Vanderbilt today and the news comes back as low-grade polymorphous adenocarcinoma (this by the way, if it had to be cancerous, is the one we wanted) and it was in the hard palate only. The soft palate was not affected, though they did remove a portion of it. We will know next Friday if radiation will be necessary so please pray. God has given us grace through all of this and his presence is so real and so sweet I can't even begin to explain how I feel right now. They say being saved isn't about feelings but it sure feels good to know you are saved and to know the realness of God and that He cares about us!! Shouting hallelujah......................................................