Saturday, January 10

They've gone : (

Malachi & Luke left for Texas to work on Wednesday, and then Aaron, Tasha and the kids left on Friday morning, going back to Nebraska. It's really quiet around my house now. I miss them all. Before they left, I made a few more pictures, (imagine that).
Here's Wyatt playing in the floor. I think I'm gonna nickname him "Smiley", either that or "Dimples" He's got the cutest little dimples. Maybe I'd better stick to "Smiley".
And here's Kylie playing with Jason's pup, Camo. She had so much fun with him, and even when she pulled him by his tail, he made no move to hurt her.
I can still hear her giggling. It's such a wonderful sound!
Then we tried to get an updated family picture. Not always as easy as it sounds.
This one is good. They're all smiling. Well, all except Aaron. But this next one is still my favorite, even though they aren't all smiling and it's not the "perfect" picture. It was the first one I took. It just kind of says it all.
I really am gonna miss them a whole lot! And it will probably be at least six months before I get to see them again. Not nearly soon enough for this Mammy!

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