Monday, January 19

It's Snowing!

Woke up this morning to an Alert Now message saying that school was cancelled. Looked out the window and saw just a few flakes of snow on the car. Went back to sleep (government holiday and I work for county government) and woke to see big huge snowflakes coming down. This is the first snow this winter where we've actually had some on the ground. We're under a winter weather advisory until 4 p.m. Wonder how much we'll actually get? 'Course I know this is nothing compared to what Aaron & Tasha get in Nebraska, but it's kind of exciting around here (for a change). It was -16 in Bellevue last week. Malachi and Luke are in Baytown, Texas and they are walking around in short sleeves. It's 67 degrees there today.

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mom and dad francis said...

I love the pics. Wish I was on that front porch seeing it for myself. The snow looks so much prettier in Tennessee.