Sunday, March 7

Misty's Baby Shower

One of our friends, Amy, and Misty's Mom, gave her a baby shower Saturday. 
This is Amy.  She did a really good job decorating and making party favors and gifts.  She made it all very special with her talent and craftiness.
This is the cake I made for the shower.  It's a large sheet cake with butter cream frosting with the basket made out of 2 8 inch round layers and a 6 inch round.  The basket is done in chocolate buttercream.  The baby blanket, teething beads, butterfly, Micah and pacifier are all made from fondant.  The giraffe and elephant are wood cutouts and of course the  teddy in the basket is stuffed. I was pleased with the way it turned out.  What do you think? 
There were about 25 family and friends in attendance.
They played several games, including the clothes pin game and the baby food tasting game.  Tasha & Stephanie "volunteered" for the baby food game.
I'm not sure whose expression was worse, Roxann's or Stephanie's, and Roxann was just watching.
Same thing with Rebekah and Tasha.
Those expressions are priceless.
Misty received alot of nice gifts for Micah.  Everyone was very generous.
Several of the gifts were handmade.  Including this crocheted blanket,
and this quilt.
Steph made her a beautiful picture frame and blocks that spell out "Micah".  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of those.  I'll post one later when Misty gets everything in the nursery.  Our church ladies are giving her another shower this Thursday.  And I get to make another cake.  Hmmm....what shall this one be.  Stay tuned!

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Amy said...

You are precious! So glad that we inherited you through the boys! :) And the cake was gorgeous as always! Have a great day and lots of loves!