Wednesday, December 30

Christmas Eve 2009

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve at Malachi's & Misty's.  It was the first time in 8 years that all my kids were together on Christmas.  The only one missing from our family was Tristan.  He was definitely missed.  We also had extended family with us.  Pam came and opened presents with Seth and ate with us, then she had to go celebrate with her family.  We also had Dixie (Misty's Mom) & her friend, Owen, Aunt Gail & Uncle Steve, and my "adopteds" Rob and Jared.  We met about 2 and ate, and then we played games.  Rachel and her family had a Christmas Eve service at their church, which they attended, and then came back to open presents after Mackeinzie arrived at 10 p.m.  (She had to spend the day with her dad).

Dixie & Owen

Tasha & Aaron

Misty & Malachi

Steve & Gail

Misty & Tasha

Abby & Papaw Tom


 Wyatt (eating without using his hands)

Jason & Luke playing Play Station 3

Charlie, Malachi pestering Kylie & Tasha

Playing board games Rachel, Chris, Jason, Rob, Jared & Seth

The Christmas tree & presents before the opening began.

Papaw Charlie


Rachel, Abby & Elijah

Rob, Jared, Jason, Aaron, Malachi, Tasha,Wyatt, Misty & Seth


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!

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