Tuesday, September 8

Debbie's Still In The Hospital

I stayed with Debbie at the hospital last night. She managed to sleep a little better than she had been, and was feeling a bit better today. She's had a really rough weekend, and has been in a lot of pain. She told me that this is the worst pain that she has had so far, even worse than the surgeries, skin grafts, trach, etc. Her white blood count has gone up quite a bit, though, from Saturday, which is a very good thing. They have put radiation and chemo on hold until her mouth heals some. She has blisters all over the inside of her mouth and throat. She still hasn't ate much at all since last Thursday. She has lost 40 pounds total. Please continue to pray for her. Steph has updated her blog and Debbie's if you want to check them out.

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