Sunday, August 13


I was reading a poem that Rachel had written on her blog, , and it inspired me to write one of my own. It's been a long, long time since I have written anything. I used to write all the time, but then, Life Happened. God blessed me with six wonderful kids and they have been taking up my time for the past 25 years. And now He has blessed me with 5 wonderful grandkids, which I'm sure will take up my time for the next 25 years! I am truly blessed! Anyways, here's my poem:
Six Little Ones
I used to have six little ones,
All running 'round my feet
They'd laugh and cry, and yelp and yell,
'Twas really quite a treat!
But then I blinked and don't you know
They've all grown up so fast!
What used to be my future
Has now become my past.
With children near and children far
And way across the sea,
This mother's heart is full of prayer
For those that God can keep.
For Safe within His mighty arms,
I know that they will stay.
For He's a gracious, loving Lord,
Who hears me when I pray!
And though I fret and worry some,
Down deep within my heart
There is a still small voice that says,
"My peace I will impart.
You can safely trust in me
For what shall come your way.
I've never left you in the past
Nor will I leave today."
And so I lean upon His arm,
And go from day to day
Trusting in the Blessed One,
All along my way.
And all the little ones
That ran around me feet,
Have now grown up, and given me
Five Grandkids, oh so sweet!


Mommy & Daddy said...

I love the poem! You did a really great job! I haven't written a poem in so long. I might have to get inspired myself.

Anonymous said...

Your whole family is gifted in the poem, Rachel, Seth, and Jason. Wow, I'm impressed.