Wednesday, July 5

Jason Wrote This

i was sittin in my 7-ton dump waiting on the tram to fill me up when i wrote this, for some reason i have been writing quite a bit out here...
i am miles away from my tennessee home
my family and friends i have left all alone
i went off to iraq to fight in a war
to fight for freedom in the U.S. Marine Corps.
i am motor t so i drive big trucks
down the roads of iraq while insurgents try to blow us up
we havn't got hit but we've had some close calls
thanks to the Lord Jesus who has protected us all
in just a few months we'll go back to our home base
our families to greet us with a smiling face
some will tell stories of missions in iraq
others will say nothing , they're just glad to be back
me, i will go back to the great state of tennessee
to meet my niece and nephew i never got to see
alot of things have changed since i left on that plane
my wife left me and tried to give me the blame
my brother malachi graduated and got a job as a plumber
by the time i get back lucas will have a hummer
rachel was pregnant and had a baby boy
while aaron stayed at home his new daughter to enjoy
mom and dad push on providing for the family
while seth plays his sports he's always very happy
i am proud of what i have done and the country i serve
although alot of people there get on my last nerve
they say we shouldn't be here to bring us back home
we shouldv'e never came here violence we condone
if we hadn't of came here to wipe out sadam
and all of the terrorists he had in his palm
we'd be fighting in our cities and out in our fields
alot of civilians i am sure would get killed
instead of being against the blood that we shed
be happy for your liberty at night when you go to bed
when all is said and done i have accomplished alot
i am a war veteran the iraqi war i have fought
payed off some debt and learned some hard lessons
made some great friends and went on alot of missions
so when i get home i'll hold my head up high
cause the flag of our country is still in the sky

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don & helen said...

Good job! There should have been poets like you during Viet Nam.
Uncle Don & Ant Helen