Thursday, August 26

The Time Was Right

In May, 2009, I went to visit my great aunt Hassie.  I was so blessed by that visit.  (You can read about it here.)  We were able to talk a long time and part of our conversation revolved around her health.  She told me that she was just waiting on the Lord to call her home. She said that sometimes she hurt so bad that she wished He'd take her on, but she knew she'd go when her time was right. She said "He's always there to hold your hand if you'll just reach up and take it".

Well, this morning at 11:10,
the time was right. 
God called her home and heavens gates admitted a beautiful saint of God.  

Dad, Debbie, me and my aunts, Bobbie and Bonnie, went up early this morning to see her.  We had been there about an hour or so when she left this life behind.  We were able to be there for a while with Uncle Clarence and her son, Everett.  Please remember them in prayer.  Hassie would have been 91 next month, and she and Clarence had been married for 62 years. Clarence took such good care of her.  His love was very evident in the way he talked about her, and all that he did.

Hassie will be missed.
She was a very special lady.
And I loved her! 

Tuesday, August 17

16 or 61...doesn't matter

My "baby" turned 16 yesterday!  So hard to believe!  On the way to school yesterday morning we had this conversation:

Mom: It's hard to believe my baby's turning sixteen.  You'll always be my baby, even when you're sixty one.  You know that, right?

Seth:  Yeah, I know.  But you'll be dead by then!

Hmmm....thing is, he's probably right, cause that would make me 93!

And today, he got this:

Can you tell he's proud of himself?  Passed his driver's test with no marks against him, 100%!
So proud of him!

Guess I know if I'm not dead when he's 61, he'll be able to chauffer me around.

That's six kids taught to drive and got their driver's license, and none to go.  He's the last one.  Woo Hoo!!

Happy Birthday, Seth, I love you!